Persistent Pyramids

Between algorithm & aesthetics

Symbolizing simple perfection, these glass pyramids transform peaceful Earth landscapes into magnificent and mesmerizing images of a different reality. Pure aesthetic enjoyment is based on a feeling of mathematical and geometrical harmony to the Cosmos and Universe.


Today and Tomorrow

No explanation as to how this effect is achieved, but I’m guessing it is probably something to do with a temporal distortion in the space-time continuum. If you adapt your flash to fire high energy protons at the breaking waves, you will create a small wormhole which gives this interesting reflective effect. On the downside, you could create a black hole and KILL US ALL, but as long as Anatoly gets his photo, everything’s alright.

Anatoly has also risked KILLING US ALL by producing strangelets (a form of matter that some think might exist at the centre of neutron stars, which could bring about an ‘ice-9’-type transition, wherein all surrounding matter could be instantaneously converted into strangelets and the world as we know it would vanish) by using this technique on trees, landscapes and even a person.

Six Thousand