Anatoly Zenkov

Graphic and UX designer, creative developer

About Me

Disc Boot Failure

Old ideas and scattered sketches took on meaningful form through the use of new, shiny tools.

Stolen Buttons

The buttons automatically collected from every website I visit

Spare Bytes

Images of image size after compression, predicted and placed on the image before its compression

Parametric Pottery

Parametric Pottery

An endless sequence of compositions of ceramic objects created in real time



The study of automated generation of 3D exploded view diagrams

Soft Ice

Soft Ice

Study of geometry changes of a curve with a limited curvature radius

Lost Folders

A huge archive of various details from the projects I art-directed and designed over the years.


An application that turns your daily routine work on the computer into contemporary art.

Screenshot of the IOGraph application window with black and white mouse track traces and idle spots collected during 9.5 hours of working on the computer


One-of-a-kind truly analog photo filter.

Persistent Pyramids

Between algorithm & aesthetics.