The study of automated generation of 3D exploded view diagrams and animation of the assembly of disarranged parts into a source object. The aesthetic is heavily influenced by the industrial design of electronic devices of the last century.

"Self-Assembly" is a generative art project. Every time you start it, a unique scene is created by the program coded by the artist. The uniqueness is based on random numbers that are used to determine the parameters of the scene.


Influenced by mainframe aesthetics


The project is available for minting as a generative NFT on the Tezos blockchain via the Fxhash platform.

-/- minted

NFT (non-fungible tokens) is a record in the blockchain about some specific transaction. As a result of this transaction, the initiator receives the right to own a unique iteration of the generative project. Iteration uniqueness is based on a unique transaction identifier used as a source of pseudo-random numbers to generate project properties. Since the identifier is immutable, iteration also remains immutable. The appearance of the art is unknown until the transaction is completed and the identifier is determined.

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