Parametric Pottery

An endless sequence of compositions of ceramic objects created in real time. Each composition is unique since the random numbers are used as the parameters for its creation. Despite the high variability of sizes and shapes, the composition is holistic and harmonious. It is achieved by an arrangement algorithm made and tuned by the artist.

Two types of palettes are used in the project. One is fully generative. It gives vibrant colors. The second one is a preset of natural-looking shades.


Each scene is displayed for a few seconds and changes by another, newly generated one. The process goes on and on endlessly creating an infinite number of animated still-lifes.

An integral part of each work is a random seed key that determines its uniqueness. The palette, compositions themselves, the presence of certain objects, and their properties—all this is determined by a 16-character key. The “Parametric Pottery” series includes 192 works, the keys to which were selected by the artist himself.

Anatoly Zenkov, 2023


NFTs are available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain using a custom smart contract made by the artist. The MetaMask wallet is required to connect and mint directly from this website.

Minting starts on 14.09.2023, 19:00 CET
192 items. Price: Ξ0.1

Smart contract on Etherscan

Technical Notes

The real-time animation was programmed with JS/Threejs. Visualization is designed for both vertical and horizontal screen presentations. The smoothness of animation depends on the screen resolution, image size in pixels, as well as the video card performance.

Click or tap animation to switch camera orientation.

Use the following keys to call additional functions:
Key ‘a’ — toggle animation
Key ‘r’ — reset animation
Key ‘1’ — save 1024 × 1024px PNG image
Key ‘2’ — save 2560 × 2560px PNG image
Key ‘3’ — save 5760 × 5760px PNG image*
Key ‘o’ — save 3D scene as OBJ file
Key ‘s’ — save 3D scene as STL file

*Maximum size depends of the system compatibility.

Secondary Markets